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If You’re Looking for a Slower Pace With A Pulse, Allow Me To Introduce You To Salida, Colorado By Hale Chamblee

The onset of the “Green” movement, an increased interest in community and sustainability, combined with the recent economic recession are inspiring – sometimes forcing – people of all walks of life to reconsider and reinvent. These times are liberating. The traditional constructs of modern life are being challenged, lifted, discarded in a way that can […]

The Little (Housing) Engine That Could By: Hale Chamblee

After what may seem like an eternity of dismal news about the nation’s real estate market, America’s housing engine appears to be changing mantras from, “I think I can, I think I can…” to, “I KNOW I can, I KNOW I can…” No small amount of attention has been paid to the flailing housing industry […]

What is our City doing? By the Original Keith Baker

The City of Salida has been very busy in the last 6 Mo. Just to let you know the city has your best interests at heart, even when mistakes are made or it just plain seems like what is happening is being done backwards. 2A money( the 1% sales tax increase) is in full swing […]

Salida, Colorado: Why Buy Now?

If you’re ready to invest in real estate in Salida, whether it’s a first or second home, a plot of land for down the line, or a development opportunity, now is a good time to buy. Our local buyer’s market has several contributing factors. Total sales volume in Salida and the surrounding areas was down […]

Taxing My Memory

Having been born and raised in the southern end of Chaffee County, I sometimes reminisce on the changes and in some cases the lack of changes that have occurred over the last half century in my home town.The mid to late 50’s was a booming time. Climax mine was in full swing, the D&RG railroad […]

Positive Economic News

Finally, there is some positive economic news. Many buyers are able to afford to travel again with gas prices at a more “affordable” level. Mortgage rates have dropped to a once in a lifetime rate. On the flip side, the stock market is certainly still in turmoil. There are other investment options. In my opinion, […]