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Consensus Among Salida REALTORS: It’s a Buyer’s Market

New data out after the first quarter of 2011 have Salida Realtors all saying the same thing, “it’s a Buyer’s Market.” The average sales value of commercial, residential and land properties in Chaffee County decreased during the first quarter of 2011. The average price for any conveyance in the first quarter of 2011 was $187,961, […]


The week ahead promises to be a big one for anglers on the Arkansas River. Why? The Annual Caddis Hatch. The annual hatch was waylaid by cool temperatures at the lower end of Big Horn Sheep Canyon, which stretches from Salida to Canon City, but was anticipated to arrive in Cotopaxi early this week. The […]

Help for Conflicted Home Buyers

Thinking about buying a home in the Salida area, but feel like you are getting conflicting advice? You’re not the only one. First sales are up, then they’re down. The market is showing signs of renewed movement, but then that movement proves only horizontal. Signs point to a recovery, then oil prices rise, creating uncertainty. […]

Why Use a Realtor?

To use a REALTOR or not? That seems to be the question. Does a REALTOR better serve a buyer or a seller? and in what ways? Of course the decision to engage a REALTOR rests solely with the buyer or seller, but here are a few advantages to working with an agent, no matter which […]

The Arkansas River is Coming up, As is the Salida Real Estate Market

The river is coming up, as is the Salida real estate market. Last Saturday the Arkansas River was running 1,000 cfs through Brown’s Canyon and in spite of borderline temperatures we took the opportunity to float from Stone Bridge to Salida East. The trip was absolutely lovely, save for this newcomer, who left the keys […]

Salida’s Cycling Season

I started out titling this post, “Salida’s Cycling Season is on the Horizon,” but then realized it’s not, it’s HERE! Maybe it’s the opening of new single track trails on the outskirts of town, or the flurry of friends rushing to sign up for Ride the Rockies that makes me feel like we’re on the […]

Salida’s Rocky Mountain Lifestyle

The thing about living in a small town in the Rocky Mountains is that most of your entertainment happens outdoors. There just aren’t a lot of concert halls or museums, although we do have the Storyville movie theater – which has been getting Salida’s denizens Oscar ready all year. What I’m really getting at though, […]

Salida Eats

Its interesting to talk to folks in from out of town and have them say, “Whenever I come to Salida I ALWAYS eat at _________,” because this next visit some of those folks are in for a very pleasant surprise. For a little Rocky Mountain town nextled in a doughnut hole of fifteen 14,000 ft. […]

What’s Shakin’ in Salida?

Once the holidays pass and MLK weekend has come and gone things tend to settle down here in Salida and start to plod along at that slow, small-town-winter pace. All of a sudden there is seating in the restaurants again and you know most of the folks at the bar, the lift lines have gone […]

Exciting Times in Salida

Hello again friends! Well, here we go on another year. However, I am not getting any older how about you. Age, I think is in your mind. I am looking forward to better times. Just pause for a minute and look at the projects that are scheduled to begin in 2011 in southern Chaffee County. […]