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Time Flies in Our Town

Gay-150x150October 8, 2010

It’s hard to believe that it’s already early October! The morning air is crisp. . . the valley is surrounded by the gold, red, and orange of autumn leaves . . . apples are hanging from trees just waiting to become part of that flawless apple pie. . . the summer white waters of the Arkansas River have slowed to the turquoise waters of fall. . . football is in full swing. . hunters are anticipating the “big hunt”. . . skiers and snowboarders are digging out their wax. . .stores and galleries are bustling and preparing for the holidays that will be upon us all in no time. . .

If it sounds like I love this time of year, I do, especially here in Salida and the Upper Arkansas River Valley! To me, Salida is the perfect place to live, work, and raise my 2 children. It is the “perfect size”(just under 6,000), the “perfect distance” from several of the bigger Colorado cities(about 2 hours driving time), and has almost “perfect weather”(sunny and warm in town but, oh by the way, there is 350+ inches of snow on near by Monarch Mountain)!

I do love this time of year in the Rockies! If you haven’t experienced it, now could be the “perfect time” for you to come and take a look! You may just decide to stay!

Gay Hahn-Dewberry



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