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Why Salida, Colorado?

Yes, there is lots of awesome real estate available here in Salida, Colorado and, yes, I would be happy to help you find the house, acreage, or business to make your dreams come true. That being said, there are lots of places with lots of desirable real estate, so, why Salida?

I confess that as I have lived consecutive years here in the mountains (and I live at 9,000 feet, so I do mean IN the mountains) something strange happens to me this time of year. I get past the initial disappointment that comes with the colder weather, the end of raft season, the packing up of summer sundresses, the arrival of daylight savings time, and then, for lack of a better expression, I get stoked! I find myself, much like now, waiting with baited breath, for it to snow.
Every year it seems the excitement starts to build with the anticipation of Thanksgiving – a holiday, that for most of my adult life, has revolved more around bringing together friends, than blood relatives. This year, we received a lovely invitation to joint friends in town for a Thanksgiving that featured a 30 pound turkey that they raised and slaughtered themselves. How cool and sustainable is that? And where did they raise their turkey? In their backyard in downtown Salida! along with their chickens! And because it was their first turkey, they had a friend help them slaughter and prep the bird, and went as a family with their two young children to perform the task – which lead to many lovely moments over dinner where the hostess proudly referred to herself as, a Bird Slayer.
The day after Thanksgiving in Salida marks, the Annual Parade of Lights and lighting of Christmas Mountain. This has to be one of the most charming, Norman-Rockwell-type, events in all of the 50 states. Historic Downtown Salida is closed off to cars and becomes a pedestrian and bicycle zone. The shops stay open late into the evening and host little soirees with steamed up windows, wine and cocoa. The taverns are rife with merry makers, groups of rogue Santas wander the streets, dogs dressed as elves pass clusters of families caroling, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” and at some point “S” Mountain lights up and transforms into Christmas Mountain – the largest single Christmas ornament in, at least, the lower 48. The crowd cheers, a fireworks display to rival the Fourth of July spouts from the mountain top and lights the faces of enamored onlookers, and by the end of this evening I am ready for it to snow already! Why?
Thanksgiving weekend also marks the annual start of Monarch’s Ski season on the Julian calendar, but not always on Mother Nature’s calendar. This year we are in a holding pattern as we wait for that Monarch cloud to get hung up and give us the dump we need to get the season going; Monarch Mountain makes no snow, which makes for great riding and affordable lift tickets.
With ski season temporarily stalled out, and a series of uncompromisingly fair November days to bide, the trade of has been a week of mountain biking. (Terrible, I know.) This spring I traded in my cleats for flats, and my road bike for a 29er, and began riding trails from here to Utah. I’m still not huckin’ it for Santa, but I sure am having a good time on Salida’s Mountain Trails.
Lovely seasonal traditions, sustainable living, great skiing, awesome (sometimes year-round) mountain biking, affordable mountain town real estate, still looking for more reasons to call Salida home? Why not check out a couple of new and diverse culinary experiences around town. Little Cambodia, on F Street, between First and Sackett, owned by the lovely Phanny Jones, a Cambodian native herself, serves up delicious Cambodian specials, Thursday-Monday. It’s become a local favorite for good, fresh food at lunch or dinner.
Had enough of buffalo burgers and brewery pizzas? Don’t get me wrong, I love these Colorado staples, but I also adore, SUSHI! I know what you’re thinking, sushi in a small mountain town in a land-locked state, right, how good could that be? Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s really good, and a phenomenal addition to our downtown dining options. Every Tuesday night, Currents Steak & Seafood, on F Street in Historic Downtown Salida, rolls up and dishes out a surprising assortment of rolls, nigiri and sashimi. From the tempura basked, to the Chef’s Choice sashimi platter, to the ever popular A-team roll, this sushi menu is solid, dependable and delicious. Have someone in your party who is not down with the raw fish? Added bonus, Currents runs their everyday grill side menu on Tuesday nights as well.
As you wander through downtown Salida, you might hear one local say to the other, “How’s it going today?” to which the other replies, “Just another day in paradise!” or “Livin’ the dream!” When you’re ready to start livin’ the dream, give me a call, I’ll help you find a place to live and a whole lot more! Salida, Colorado – Because not all backyards are created equal.
Get in touch with me by email or phone: or 719-221-4637. You can also reach our office at 719-539-6616 and preview listings here on our website.
K Hale Chamblee
Direct: 719.221.4637


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