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Wolf in Chaffee County

WolfIn Mesa Antero, a Chaffee County subdivision,  residents reported possible wolf sightings this week. Colorado Parks and Wildlife believes the creatures are actually coyotes.  Both are canines and have a similar look and habits.  Further, there are no known wolf populations in Chaffee County.  Wolves were officially eradicated from the State in the early 1930s.  Wolves have been wandering into northwest Colorado from Wyoming.

Coyotes are known to live throughout Colorado from Kansas to Utah, Wyoming to New Mexico and all parts in between.  They are among one of the most adaptive animals in the world.  Coyotes can be mistaken for wolves this time of year because coyotes have their thicker, bushier winter coats. Coyotes are opportunistic animals that usually hunt alone.  They catch small prey such as mice, rabbins and squirrels.  They will hunt in packs to take down larger mammals.

To report a wolf sighting in Chaffee County, call the local Parks and Wildlife office at 530-5520.


Deonne Policky

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